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Abundant, zealousness and beautiful, this little orange branch is certainly about to put on a show. We planted this tree three or four years ago but it hasn't produced a single orange yet, despite having flowered for several seasons now. I've decided it's best to pretend it's just an ornamental.....and love it for what it is.

There is a little to report on the sewing front. I've made a few dozen more strip blocks for my Musical Stairs quilt, such fresh spring colours.

A couple of piles were completed like this above, to add to the mix already in hand.

A couple more EPP blocks have been added towards my hand sewn quilt. Slowly, slowly....

Last night I finished a new Shutterfly calendar, one for 2014  as a special thank you gift for someone I haven't met but has gone out of their way to help one of the family. I've ordered several Shutterfly calendars over the last two years and have been very impressed with their quality. I feel they make a personal and useful gift. An email this morning confirmed it was printed and on its way to us all the way across the world in Australia. Anticipation is a wonderful thing!

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