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Unlikely Inspiration

Hoping and praying on Sunday for some fresh inspiration for this week's History/Geography lessons, my eyes landed on my nearby hand sewing project. Then the idea came - see all those buildings!!!!

Monday morning I set these two blocks in front of our (homeschooled) children - "These have something to do with this week's project," I told them. 
"Not quilting!" they replied.
"No, not quilting - keep looking."

Soon we were brainstorming a long list of manmade structures/buildings which are at least 200 years old. Each child has chosen one and have a written project as well as a model/drawing/painting to complete this week.

I'm working on building a "leaning tower" of my own too.

To be continued......

Sharing at WIP Wednesday.

Link for Buckingham Palace cut out as seen in photo #6.
Link for Leaning Tower of Pisa cut out as seen in photos #1, 4 & 5.

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