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Wings and Song

This gorgeous Common Jezebel Butterfly was resting on some golden jacaranda leaves today. There seems to be an increase in insect activity in recent weeks.

The Cabbage White Butterflies are enjoying the broccoli, no doubt laying some more eggs too.

Phyllis has grown a good deal since we met her (above).

She is now busy turning into much more than a hungry caterpillar.

As I wait for the sun to rise each morning my ears enjoy a dawn chorus from a wonderful variety of native birds.

Pink Galahs, White Faced Herons, a white Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Rainbow Lorikeets, tiny Superb Blue Wrens are some of the birds I have snapped recently - all taken from our back door except the Galahs which I photographed at church.

Meet our resident Australian Magpie! He has been very friendly, even inviting himself inside the back door on several occasions. We have taken to shooing him away - he's a little too friendly for my liking. They can become a pest as some dive bomb people while they are nesting, attacking even children and bike riders, drawing blood.

So far our Magpie has not dived on us and seems content to forage for tasty bits around the yard like this worm today. Magpies have quite a pleasant warbling song.

Here's my favourite little songbird - Miss E singing a song she made up about purple flowers under the ground!

Ducks and human paddlers enjoying Sunday evening on our river together. 

It looks like our almost-here spring will be filled with wings and songs!

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