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A Finishing Week

Master J (18) designed and built this huge remote control plane from scratch as a major project for Design and Technology at school. It's a magnificent piece to look at, however try as he may, he couldn't make it fly as well as he had hoped.

This week he and his class mates had to display their work and accompanying portfolios (Master J's was 87 pages long) ready for the state markers to inspect.

His class mates designed and constructed a variety of projects, each rather impressive. 

Today we have watched four of our children playing in three hockey grand finals. Miss O's game was drawn and both teams declared joint winners. Master T's team lost. The twins' mixed team had a draw but lost on a penalty shoot out after full time. The twins have their ladies' team grand final next Saturday. It's been wonderful to see each team make it to the very end of their hockey season. (I registered 6 of our children this morning for the upcoming cricket season).

Today also brings an end to a very long national election campaign in Australia. It seems we will have a new Prime Minister by morning.....

Winter officially ended this week, September 1st marking the start of spring here.

With finishes come a sense of accomplishment, fresh beginnings and new seasons. Life is very interesting.

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