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Looking, Looking.....

J and M looking at a peppercorn vine, native to South India where they were born

Satin Bowerbird nest - decorated by the male in blues!

Satin Bowerbird

Three-veined Hakea

Yesterday we had a wonderful day out in our closest larger city with our Indian friends. A visit to the Botanic Garden was even better than anticipated. I could easily spend a whole day roaming this extensive garden, soaking up the natural surrounds and taking photos. I had never seen a Satin Bowerbird before, an Australian native bird happily living in this garden. There was so much to explore - and ever more pleasant than the noisy, busy nearby shopping centres.....Unfortunately my husband has spent the last two days in bed, unwell, missing out on these great times.

We have thoroughly enjoyed listening to J speaking, he is so inspiring. The Indian food M made for Sunday's India night at church was sensational. It is a very special time. More opportunities to listen to J and M over the coming few days before they head back to north India late Sunday.

And yes, I snuck in another sunset walk Monday night too.


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