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Pieces of Spring

Early spring mornings invite one to step outside and enjoy the sunshine. Jobs, chores, play or in Mast J's case, off to school for just a few weeks more.

Another bird now adds it song to the many winged singers. A tiny migratory Australian Scarlet Honeyeater is proclaiming his territory in our street with a surprisingly loud call. I could hardly believe such a distinct and loud song could come from his tiny body.

Master T turned 14 this week. Our second son, 5th child (and my third natural breech birth). He is 21 months younger than our twins but is now taller than them. He made an amazing sponge cake and a piƱata for all to enjoy.

The twins had their second hockey grand final of the season this afternoon. Their AR1 women's team won 3:1 with Miss G scoring the first goal and Miss N being awarded "Player of the Grand Final". A wonderful finale to their hockey season. They are currently on their way to another town 5 hours away for a long day of cricket tomorrow, they love their sport!

An even bigger week next week - more about that soon.....

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