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Shades of (Pink) Frustration

I've recently had difficulty uploading photos accurately to my blog and upon investigation it appears that Blogger has recently added a default auto enhance feature which can only be corrected/disabled once you have joined Google+. At this stage I have no intentions of joining Google +, nor can I tolerate the editing which it applies to some of my photos.

This is rather frustrating as I don't know which photos will look awful with google's auto enhance until they are actually uploaded. Today this has happened again, so I'm trying to work around it by using my Flickr account. This may sound crazy to some, but I treasure my photos.....

I was wanting to share with you photos of a beautiful poppy - but I can't do it here. Yes, you can enjoy the pink cornflower (indeed I had a variety of lovely pinks to share) but the photos I really wanted to share won't load correctly on blogger so I have uploaded them to my flickr page here for your pleasure - and mine.....

Do many of you use flickr? I love it as a way to keep interesting quilting/craft ideas and inspirational photos together in one place. I'm thinking I may be sharing more at flickr over the coming days.

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