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Used and Treasured

You know how some stories and memories become even more endearing over time? I believe this is the case with many quilts too.

No, this isn't a quilt I've just secretly whipped up, but one which is two years old now. Some of my early readers may remember me sharing this story back in 2011. Here's the shortened and updated version.

Six months after teaching myself to quilt I bravely ordered some fabric from the US - oh the wonderful range of fabrics to choose from and prices less than half what we have to pay "Down Under" in Australia. As soon as I saw the American Retro blue floral I thought of my Mother-in-Love. After much searching of the internet I settled on the Ohio Star block, fussy cutting the centres to make the most of the print. I ordered more fabric - enough for the back in the lovely blue print and a little in both of the other colours available.

I stippled the bulk of the quilt, hand quilted the interior of each block and machine stitched the outer border in widely spaced diagonals.

I made a card to match and unexpectedly gifted it to her on Father's Day 2011 (the first Sunday in September in Australia). I couldn't bear to keep it hidden away when she could be enjoying it!

Don't you love it when a handmade gift is used and treasured. For a while it seemed she hardly used this quilt except to show it to others. I was delighted to find that it is one of the few things she chose to bring with her in her move to the local aged care facility this year. It lays proudly on her bed. In fact, the staff often make her bed and spread the quilt back side upper on her bed for the backing is so beautiful and bright.

 This quilt, along with the Scrapbooks and photo books I have made for her over the years (and my late Father-in-Love) are some of her most treasured possessions - which blesses me so much.

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