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What a Week!

See that smile! It says it all! Master J had his very last school exam today, Physics, which he wasn't looking forward to. All went well, it is FINISHED!!! There is an even greater relief behind that smile - of career decisions becoming clear just two days ago.

Miss E (21) is still in the big city and is likewise meeting with success and firming up plans and dreams in an amazing fashion. She'll be home in a couple of days.

As for little Miss E, she is managing the stilts - "All by herself" (well, not quite...).

The two Miss E's have a special bond and have kept in touch through FaceTime each day and night  while Stripes the tiger watches on.

Yesterday was Jaca Thursday in our town, the middle of an annual week-long festival while the hundreds of jacaranda trees are in bloom. I took the younger ones to have a look. Ten minutes was enough for all of us, then we headed to the shops to buy Despicable Me 2 which was released here on DVD yesterday.

It's been quite a week, on top of all the regular happenings here......at times it's felt like I've been the one teetering on the stilts, trying to keep up with life.

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