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"It is always exciting to open the door and go out into the garden 
for the first time on any day."
                                                 Marion Cran

Although only a small section of garden (one neighbour's leafy trees and another's house can be seen in the background above), it gives me great joy, several times every day! I love watching the sun dapple the poppies, cornflowers and other little jewels in this circle.

 Each day there are fresh wonders. The poppy above makes me think of frosted cupcakes.

This is the only poppy with three inner and outer petals, all the others (even on the same plant) have only two.

I can pretend there is a whole field of wildflowers growing out my back door and enjoy every little flower and insect which live in these few square metres.....that which started as a couple of packets of seeds amongst some struggling plants now brings such joy to my soul.

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