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One of the things I most value about blogging is how it can serve as a journal of our days and weeks. Sometimes I include photos or a whole post, not because they are particularly inspirational nor technically correct, but because it acts as a record. Each of us has a life which is unique and valuable and worth recording in some way - and not just the big events, but the unposed, everyday happenings.

Here's a little of our past week, the seemingly insignificant things which make our life what it is-
Waiting for Miss O and Miss V's cricket game to begin.
A White Faced Heron hunting in our backyard.
Poppy seedheads - almost as beautiful as the flowers.
Miss E's Super Heroes lego set arrived after a two week wait, she's loves her Super Heroes!
A pair of Spotted Turtle Doves are nesting on top of our solar inverter, I guess it's always warm.
A friend came bearing a belated birthday gift, apologising that she had missed my "big" birthday.
An Australian Wood Duck family on our kerbside this morning.
One of this afternoon's spring thunderstorms. Master J's school was damaged in one earlier this week.

How do you keep a record of your little everyday happenings?

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