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Sweet Success

We all enjoyed the twins' 16th birthday this week with no lessons but lots of fun for the day. The twins started the day by baking yummy buttery croissants (starting from scratch the day before) for everyone. There was time in the pool to try out some gifts and Granny (mil) came for lunch to enjoy the celebrations too.

The twins chose to make a birthday ice cream cake, made with three different types of purchased ice cream. I love the way they decorated it and we all enjoyed eating it!

Miss G and Miss N's birthday always falls close to Thanksgiving, a holiday which isn't generally celebrated in Australia, yet I think it very fitting and am ever so grateful for our family. Or twins are definitely a double blessing - and to think we nearly called at family "complete" at two children - but that's another story.

Two of our younger children spotted this dragonfly on our back deck during the week, I'd not seen one like it before.

Mid week I finally completed a quilt top, you can find more about it here.

Miss E's water skills and confidence are improving in leaps and bounds, so much so that it tires her out.

It's been a good week, all the more so as we've seen some signs of improvement in my husband's eczema. He may even be well enough to return to work sometime next week. Many thanks to all those who have prayed for him, and all of us, during this difficult time.

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