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The Invitation Began....

"Freshen up  your perms girls, trim those mullets boys 
and dust off those shoulder padded jackets!!

Yes, after almost 20 years....
Calling some of our old YWAM friends...

We look forward to severely embarrassing you 
with some old photos we have unearthed." 

Who could resist (laughing at) an invitation like this! The sense of humour was definitely in keeping with the senders of the email. The day after Master J's Year 12 Formal my husband and I drove interstate to enjoy a wonderful evening of catching up with over 20 friends, many of whom we hadn't seen for around 20 years.

I was a amazed at how easy it was to reconnect. There's something special about friendships made within a community of shared faith and purpose. Each had grown wiser, more loving and gracious through life's sometimes harsh realities over the last 20 years. It was a long evening yet too short as well. Friendships have been rekindled in a way which warms the heart. 

We travelled home yesterday, detouring from the main highway to enjoy the scenic coastal route. I enjoyed snapping a few shots through the windscreen while my husband was driving.

Byron Bay Lighthouse - Australia's most easterly point

We stopped at this little Anglican church for a few minutes.

Then took turns driving the rest of the way.

It was indeed a wonderful weekend, one to remember for many good reasons.

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