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Written Treasure

Written treasure, that's what inside those envelopes. "What do you want for your birthday?" was last week's question from the children. I've never been one for gathering many belongings, preferring to have nothing rather than something I'm not fond of. What I really wanted was a written/artistic snapshot from each child, something which expressed the essence of who they are now as well as their hopes and dreams. 

On my birthday I was presented with 8 envelopes neatly tied in a bundle, one from each child. Reading them quietly brought laughter, love and tears of appreciation. A priceless, timeless gift. Yes, there were chocolates also, enough to share with all. 

My patient, loving husband gifted me with a beautiful laptop, my first ever computer of my own - although he would have given me one years ago if I had wanted one then. I've always protested that I didn't need one, was happy to share....but now seemed the perfect time and a great way to mark a special decade birthday. Maybe one year soon I'll even consent to owning a smartphone.

Over the last week I've finished sewing my cut pieces, ironed and trimmed each block. I'm not sure if I have enough blocks yet but there is certainly enough to make a good start. Sometimes I like to sew with a general plan rather than exact measurements and quantities - anyone else like that?

Our Nashi Pear tree is currently in blossom, I love their delicate flowers. Maybe we will have fruit, maybe not. The flowers are enough of a gift on their own.

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