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Hopes, Dreams, Healing - and Hail!

Wednesday afternoon brought a summer hailstorm. The children thought it was great fun!

Miss O and Miss E senior have been busy with Christmas baking, filling the kitchen (and some of the freezer) with many delicious aromas - and yet more heat.

Master J's school had its end of year Presentation Evening on Tuesday. It's a very small and caring school where he has thrived. He only enrolled there last year, having been homeschooled along with our other children until then. Master J has definitely applied himself to his studies and plans to start an engineering degree at Uni next year, hoping to move into aeronautical engineering down the track.

The twins now have their learner licences. In our state you must be 16 before you can take the written/computer test. They will each need 120 hours of logged supervised driving before they are allowed attempt the driving test required for their Provisional licences. Last night they had their first sit behind the wheel with a beginning drive in a vacant car park. Miss E senior is also considering completing the computer test soon - which would mean we have 360 hours of learner driving to supervise......

Late October I received a request for the use of one of my images for the label and website of a small brand new personal care  business. Today I received a lovely little parcel of goodies in the mail by way of exchange. I'm yet to try these products but they look and smell wonderful. Quite a delightful outcome. You can see more of their beeswax based products on the Kabai website.

Speaking of healing, we had a very productive visit with a naturopath yesterday regarding my husband's chronic eczema. There is hope on the horizon - he returned to work on Wednesday after three weeks sick leave due to eczema. Maybe it's time to dare to dream again!

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