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Penning, Painting and Pinning

The painting and penning above with the children was inspired by pinning - of the PINTEREST kind! 
Late last month I finally decided to join Pinterest as a beautifully visual way of organising and bookmarking ideas I want to remember.  

I find myself scanning through one board after another, like Alice in Wonderland. What a wonderful source of inspiration, feeding the mind with creative images and ideas and so easy to share with the children or others. I love having a feast of fresh images to ponder as I drift off to sleep....like soothing water for a weary mind.

Do you have a very favourite Pinterest board or creative ways of using Pinterest? I'm all ears.   :)

One of my friends and her daughter (who lives in another state) use Pinterest as a way of sharing fabric/pattern ideas to help co-ordinate sewing/buying for the grandchildren, keeping each other up to date with what they like or have in mind. You are allowed up to three "Secret" boards which would work for this type of sharing, gift ideas or more personal interests.

UPDATE: One of the biggest features of Pinterest for me is being able to easily organise and see my Pins or bookmarks. This makes finding something later much easier. You can of course delete pins too. You can change the placement of your boards on your home page but don't seem to be able to adjust pins within a board - they stay in chronological order of pinning.

Another brilliant advantage is being able to log in to Pinterest from any internet device and access your own Pins or new ideas. This is great when away from your usual computer/device or when upgrading to another computer.

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