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A Fresh Start

My eyes have been delighting in the waterfall of beautiful fabric strips I've cut ready for my next quilt. Having reached the "big block" stage of my current Peaceful Night EPP quilt I've found myself hankering again for a small, portable hand sewing project.

Photo and quilt by A Happy Dance via Etsy

Looking over my EPP Pinterest board my fancy has been taken by the restful simplicity of the quilt above from Etsy. The long diagonal lines of hand quilting are simple, achievable and add to the tranquility of the quilt. It appears that the hexies are 1" or slightly smaller. I went to my stash to see what colours and fabrics might work for me.

Over the course of a few days I have refined my colour and fabric choices, partly inspired by this house extension which I see on my evening walks.

Fabrics have been washed, ironed and cut into strips 2 3/4" wide - I prefer a seam allowance of more than the traditional 1/4" for EPP.

Having cut all my own papers for Peaceful Night and my last hexie quilt, I decided to search for some ready cut papers this time. On Sunday I came across Koopip's online store in Melbourne. Their quality EPP papers are made in Australia and come with a free, thin cutting template. The store owner, another Karen, offers free shipping Australia wide on all orders. 

Koopip's also stocks a number of other quilting and craft items, including Sewline glue pens and refills. For those who wonder how long the Sewline glue pens last - I glue basted all of the papers for my Peaceful Night quilt with my pre-filled Sewline pen plus the spare refill which comes with the pen on purchase. 

My Koopip's order arrived today - maybe I'll make a start on the weekend.....

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