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Butterfly Dance

Before my friend's baby was born I had already decided NOT to make a quilt. It was Erin's tenth baby, the last three had been boys, and I gifted her a baby quilt for the most recent baby almost three years ago. No, I was not going to make a quilt this time.

But then Erin had a girl, December 22nd...and they chose a delightful real life name for her (Bella is her screen mane). As Christmas came and went I kept thinking about baby "Bella", a brand new blessing to my friend as we all celebrated the birth of our Saviour.

On Boxing Day (Dec 26) I was still thinking of Bella as I painted with my younger girls. Leaving the painting I went to my favoured medium for creating, my fabric stash, and saw some fabrics perfect for a little girl ..... and knew I wanted to make a quilt with love just for Bella. Something quick and easy yet beautiful and useful.

So I washed and ironed, designed and sketched, cut and sewed, cut and repositioned and sewed until I was happy with the quilt top. The butterfly print is the central fabric around which I chose complementary fabrics. Butterfly Dance seemed to be the right name for this quilt.

Very late on New Year's Eve I finished hand stitching the binding on the quilt, which then only needed a label.

Miss G came for a walk with me on New Year's Day to be my quilt holder as I took some photos. Standing in the middle of Fig Tree Avenue, we quickly scuttled off the road whenever traffic came along. This driver stopped, wanting to know what we were doing and suggested we should take photos with his car in them too! So we did.   :)

Yesterday I made a matching card and we headed out to visit Erin, PC and family and to see their beautiful new baby for the first time. As Erin fed baby some of their children watched on as gifts were unwrapped. They all loved the Butterfly Dance quilt - and we all loved little baby Bella.....

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