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"Peaceful Night"

A couple of days ago I finished stitching the background greys to the last star block of my EPP quilt. Yesterday I laid the blocks out on my design space (my bed covered with a sheet) and shuffled them around until I was happy with the arrangement of colours and patterns. Then I did the same with the low volume diamonds.

Then I stitched the star blocks together into their respective rows.

This morning they look much neater and sit well together. A few weeks ago I chose the name "Peaceful Night" for this quilt with its lovely mix of bright stars and low volume diamonds, set against the twinkling nighttime greys.

Yes, I even like the look of the back of EPP work. I like to use a seam a little larger than 1/4", closer to a cm. 

Last night I was carefully considering the next stage of piecing this quilt. As soon as I begin stitching the diamonds in place I will need a large flat surface to keep the project safely between stitching sessions. The edge sections are yet to be finalised and will likely take some fiddling to complete. What to do???

 So this is my solution for now and it makes my heart glad to look at it. Each row has been carefully folded and stacked in a neat pile until I have a little more space (when our eldest two head for uni in a few weeks - their beds will be free), time and the next wave of motivation. 

All neat and tidy for now, just how I like it. We'll see more of Peaceful Night in another month or so..... There are other projects which will fill my time for now, including some midsummer gardening.

Some of you may have missed the story of Butterfly Dance which was made between Christmas and New Year. Erin's email last night said.... "was so lovely to have you out:) and I'm still so thrilled about the quilt!!"
This is what makes a quilter's heart sing.

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