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Still Finding Beauty, Joy and Contentment

Galahs, an Australian native bird

It was indeed a pleasant walk this morning, to check on the older siblings' fishing endeavours at the local boat ramp

As I've looked over the photos this afternoon I can't help but compare them with last January's images. You see, we've had major flood threats in our town each of the last THREE Januarys. I decided to start blogging in the wake of the 2011 flood threat, choosing to actively focus on the positive in each day and not let the thought of floods steal my happiness and contentment.

This morning at the boat ramp                                            The same spot 29th January 2013

31st January 2013 as the waters went down

Nine days after the 2013 flood peak

                     Today                                                  The same spot nine days after the 2013 flood peak

This is my favourite photo of the day! These two sisters are becoming special friends.   

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