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Miss E enjoyed looking at the farm animals which were making a visit to our local shopping centre. She wanted to enter their enclosure for a closer look but once inside, wouldn't let go of my arm. A quick close up look was more than enough for her.

Sharing a little summer colour from my garden, thinking of all of those who are enduring a long, bleak winter in the northern hemisphere.

Miss O thoroughly enjoyed constructing a meringue tree from a kit, and most everyone enjoyed deconstructing it! All except our twins who are currently interstate for a week of cricket. They are playing cricket in heatwave conditions with the next three days forecast of 39C (102F) in their location. It sure is summertime in the land down-under. Thankful that our town isn't so hot and that we seem to be clear of the flood scares we've had in our town each of the last three Januarys!

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