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Can it be?

The daily countdown is over, Miss E turned 6 this week. For the first time ever she lit her birthday candle - so carefully - then blew out the candle instead of the match! A few weeks ago she lost her first tooth - she drew the face on her balloon with a missing tooth also.

Our littlest princess loves animals and Super Heroes! She is now the proud owner of the largest animal in the world, along with Toothless the dragon, multiple dinosaurs and Iron Man.

Miss E holding Miss E when she was just a few hours old....back in 2008.

Less than 24 hours old, surrounded by her siblings at home (Miss N is just out of picture). I'm amazed at how much everyone else has grown and changed over these six years too.

Her first birthday without all her siblings, but she is having fun including Master J in the birthday drama via facetime while he sits in his room at uni/college. The joys of modern technology!

She helped me make our favourite lemon cheesecake  and decorated it with......


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