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Dragons, Slogs and Bathas

The Blue Cross is in our churchyard only just visible on a distant hill

Do you think there could be an island no one has ever found which has lots and lots of dragons? I think it's possible - or maybe another planet far away with dragons living on it. What do you think?

I just saw another Slog. Did you know sometimes slogs ride surfboards? They're Sea amphibians, they can breathe water and air.

Have you seen a Batha? Bathas are a bit like slogs but they like to go to baths in people's houses. They're Sea amphibians too.

Do you think there are any Great White sharks in the river? People have caught Bull sharks in the river haven't they (yes this is true).

And so the chatter went, from start to finish on our evening walk, just Miss E (almost 6) and myself. I love Miss E's company and her vivid imagination. All I need to supply is a listening ear, a hand to hold and an open heart.

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