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Minute Catchers

Just a minute here and there, and soon the little piles start to grow. Glue basting my one inch hexagons is a great activity for those spare minutes between tasks or when the mind just needs to idle a while with the hands busy, or even when the light isn't good enough to work those fine stitches needed to sew the hexies together.

Above are my minimal supplies which work so well for me. I have found that a small flat lid from a plastic food container is the perfect platform for glue basting. As I quickly glide the hexagon paper and fabric over the rim of the lid it becomes so easy to flip the fabric over onto the glue-lined paper.

I use a pin to help tuck the last corner neatly under which is then secured with one final dot of glue.

Carefully packed together into a snack sized ziplock bag, they make the perfect mobile kit to slip in my compact handbag. While out and away from home I have found the small plastic lid makes a great mini table to work from, even on my lap. The same lid offers some stability to the mini kit once stowed away in the ziplock bag.

Only two flowers have been completed Fresh Fields quilt over the last two very busy weeks but my eyes delight in the gorgeous stacks of fabric hexies which have steadily grown over the same time, evidence of minutes captured here and there.

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