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Morning Memories

Refreshing, exhilarating - a walk along the beach early in the morning is a wonderful treat.

This pair of Pied Oystercatchers were enjoying an early morning walk too! Native to Australia they eat bivalve molluscs, not oysters.

The shadows cast by the seaside foam fascinated me. 

Looking south towards Burleigh Heads and beyond.

An Australian White Ibis walking along the dune top in front of our holiday house.

A little later in the morning and the numbers of beach walkers are greater in number (including our five younger daughters). The tiny yellow huts which dot the back of the beach are beach patrol towers where life guards watch over swimmers during the busy hours of the day (8am to 5pm).

Master J's at his favourite beach activity - if only he had caught something edible he would have been much happier.

We have been home a few days now but I relish the memories our our beachside time. As much as I loved the sound of the surf, I must admit I also appreciate the peaceful mornings in our country town where many bird calls can be heard. And I can look forward to another beachside holiday....one day.....

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