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Which was the Favourite?

Was it the Green Lantern coaster which threw you upside down and round and round?

 Was it the Wild West action show with drama and costumes and loud gunshots?

Six of us, including myself in this one, early in the morning.

Seven in this one the afternoon - more in the next "boat".

Or the Wild West Falls Adventure Ride where everyone was tossed and splashed (you can just see the top of Miss E's head in the front).

Maybe it was the Batman drama and the noisy Batmobile?

Or the Batwing Spaceshot which shot up straight up then down so quickly? 
Which was the favourite?

Was it the Looney Tunes Carousel, the Fun Zone or the Bumper Cars?

See these nine of mine? MOVIE WORLD was the favourite theme park of the three we visited recently on Queensland's Gold Coast for each of these adventurers but which ride/activity was the best?

Each one told me the roller coasters were the highlight of Movie World. But which one???

It was the Superman Escape roller coaster which was the favourite of all - except for Miss E who was a little too small.

Those smiles said it all.

But what did I like most - apart from the delight of seeing everyone enjoy themselves???
Well that's a story for another day    :)

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