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Appreciating the Details

I love the details of life which macro photography yields to me. As one walks around looking for possible points of interest to photograph, your eyes seem to become open to treasures which have previously lain undiscovered. 

For the first time in several months, I attached my clip-on macro lens to my fixed zoom Lumix super zoom (no, you don't need a DSLR, although I use it on my DSLR too) and went searching for macro finds around our backyard early this morning. The first creature at top, which is longer than the yellow ladybug above, is indeed the ladybug larvae of this variety. Through my interest in macro work I have previously had the joy of witnessing ladybug larvae hatching.

The heart of this zinnia flower had some tiny yellow buds.

Two hours later, if you look carefully you can see that they have popped open! Digital photography is a wonderful way to notice and record changes, even over the short term.

The very heart of an small orange zinnia.

Tightly clenched fists of a parsley flower/seed head.

And to my delight I discovered some tiny buds on our newest Australian native plant, the Black Magic Banksia. The tag says "long bud anticipation" - I'll have the pleasure of watching the "candle-like golden flowers, with maroon styles maturing to black-purple" develop for the first time over the coming weeks and months. 

When I take the time to look more closely at what lies before my eyes I am rewarded with not only a greater awareness but a deeper appreciation too.

Photographic note: All photos taken in our backyard this morning with my small clip-on Raynox Macro Conversion lens DCR-250 (less than $100) and my fixed lens Lumix super zoom FZ35. I don't own a tripod.

Sharing at Sarah's Macro Monday.

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