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Changing Seasons

Pleasant days are accompanying the changing seasons. Our summer cricket is ending slowly with a mix of finals while the hockey season is just beginning.

Yesterday we had a nostalgic last visit to our old town library. Soon after moving to this town I began our homeschooling our eldest (Miss E, who was then 4) and regularly visiting the library. Tomorrow this library closes its doors to the public forever.

 A large new building is now complete, ready to house the town library. A building which includes stroller/pusher/wheelchair access to the children's section, a building with toilets/restrooms, car parking, a floor height above flood levels and room to hold more books, computers and study areas! Our current library has none of these, yet it does hold many good memories for us as a family. We love our library. In just over two weeks time the new library will open, we are looking forward to exploring all that it will have to offer.

Photo from Miss E's College's Facebook page

Our elder Miss E has certainly grown up, in fact she will celebrate her 22nd birthday very soon, her first birthday away from family. She is loving her new stage of life, busy enjoying a wonderful college experience amongst a very small, friendly and caring campus community. Her first day of lectures (late Feb.) included a Matriculation ceremony - here she is being welcomed by the President of the College. Have a very special birthday Miss E!

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