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Mini Pincushion

For far too long I have been using a scrappy off-cut for my epp pincushion. Difficult to find due to its size and requiring two hands to add or remove pins and needles, it was becoming a source of frustration.

I'd thought long and hard about what to replace The Scrap with. It had to be free standing, not too light weight, yet small enough that it would fit (lying on its side) into the flat food container I keep all my hexie goodies in.

Searching through the kitchen late last night I found this small measure from the top of a medicine bottle. It was just the size I was looking for. Then I discovered that 20 cent coins fit inside perfectly to weight the base.

This morning I used double sided craft tape to fix some fabric to the measure, quick and easy. No doubt a glue gun may work just as well.

After some trial and error regarding size, I completed the pincushion top. I needed a circle of fabric about 14.5cm /6" in diameter. Filled with polyester fibre, a quick running stitch pulled it into shape. I also used a few stitches to create bit of a neck to better fit the base.

I pushed the top into the base and was pleased to discover it fits so snugly that no adhesive is required to secure it. Three coins in the base add sufficient stability and weight.

Here it sits with the three new hexie flowers made over the last week, along with little stacks from previous weeks. One day soon I'll set out all the completed flowers for my Fresh Fields quilt and see how they are beginning to look together, until then I'll keep adding slowly to their number.

 I really like my mini pincushion, it reminds me of a potted plant - and if I'm ever really stuck for a little more money, I'll know where to look!

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