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Stillness and Peace

As the heat of summer abates the desire to linger in the garden, to water and tame it, is slowly returning. The grevilleas are still flowering despite being totally neglected, the potted succulents continue to grow well. A second batch of Purple King climbing beans are just beginning to produce baby beans. 

It will soon be time to prepare to plant some peas and poppies and maybe more. I tend to lose touch with the garden during our long, exhausting, hot, busy summers - I feel the need to reconnect, to nurture both garden and soul.

Whatever your plans for this weekend, I hope you take time for some stillness and peace, for we all needs times of refreshing don't we.

Photographic Note for Erin: All photos above were taken with my Canon 600D DSLR with 50mm prime lens plus my clip-on Raynox macro attachment, with focus set to manual. The camera was on Aperture priority setting with aperture between f/4.5 (softest background) and f/13 (more distinct background). No tripod.

I’m not able to achieve such variety of aperture with my compact super zoom. This was one of the reasons I bought a DSLR a couple of years ago. I still use my super zoom for most photos as it’s smaller and lighter, quick and quiet to use.

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