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Thoroughly Waterlogued

Fun, fun, fun! I've never tried textures, Photoshop or any apps for photos but in recent days I've been accidentally introduced to a great little app for iPhones called Waterlogue through Barb's blog. (My wonderful Hubby gifted me an iPhone for Christmas as he couldn't stand my 10 year old, hand-me-down clamshell any longer.)

The photos above were taken around our backyard this morning - frangipani, zinnia, passionfruit - all look much more artistic in Waterlogue. Below I have included a beautiful zinnia in Waterlogue and also the original iPhone image - doesn't it work wonders!

And one last sunny frangipani from our back steps!  I'm looking forward to experimenting with landscapes, portraits and much more. I can see my phone camera will be my camera of choice on many occasions from now on. By the way, Waterlogue has various settings and adjustment (these are all in "Natural") and only costs $2.99.

NB PicMonkey is a free online editing site which has great editing tools and various effects. 
I use it to watermark, adjust and resize images, particularly for blogging:

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