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April's Unseen

Experimenting with making stamps from rubber using lino cutting tools

A welcome statue outside our new library

While taking photos of my Musical Stairs quilt top I found this

Good Friday marked the beginning of a withdrawal process from using topical steroid creams for my husband. This was the state of his forehead after 24 years of steroid creams for "eczema" and on the rebound from a long tapered course of oral cortisone which enabled him to participate in our February family holiday. His face and hands are currently the worst. In fact he has had great difficulty using his hands for the last 10 months due to "eczema", being unable to drive etc.

A few days later, covered in petroleum jelly, beginning to look and feel worse and to swell all over etc, we celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. (Thanks to our children for the cheesecake, lovely dinner and homemade card!) 

Hopefully by this time next year his skin will be well on the way to healing. A good deal of my time is now spent caring for him as the symptoms worsen, it is a long and brutal process on both the body and mind but eventually brings complete recovery.

 Homeschool is due to start again this week - quite a challenging mix of responsibilities. One day at a time.... 

My girls are growing up - Miss O (12) at church

There are only a few signs of autumn in our area

Miss E explaining her creation at a lego competition held in our local shopping centre. It is a lighthouse to protect the people and animals from the sea monsters - a little too creative for the judges I fear.

Looking down river on an early morning walk - with my husband currently unable to work our routines are ever changing

Friday's new adventure!

Still smiling!

I hope your April has had some happy memories too! Life isn't all roses but there is always, always something to be thankful for.

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