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Brand New!

The beautiful golden foil-like chrysalis had turned black by yesterday morning. Had the contents died? Was there to be a sad end? When we returned from church at lunchtime the truth became apparent - the butterfly was alive and free! An Oleander Butterfly was the mystery inhabitant. Its wings gradually unfolded and filled out. This morning it was not to be seen, having flown away for good.

Today held treats of its own. Our new town library opened! The crowd patiently waited, the town crier added a touch of old fashioned drama.

Then it was time to enter the doors, past the ribbons, cameras and official party. The town crier's job was done.

Folks young and old were thrilled by everything they saw. The new library offers much more than anticipated, along with the well loved books and wonderful staff. Our youngest two loved it so much they were eager to return again - today - and so we did! In fact both have just asked if we can go again, tomorrow! 

Our new library's motto is "Your Library - Your Place". They have definitely succeeded and making us feel very much welcome and at home.

Update: My friend Erin has just posted many photos and details of our new library - you can find then here.

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