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Creative Afternoons

Summer's heat lingers in our corner of the Land Downunder and everything continues to be vibrant and colourful. I'm not sure what butterfly will hatch from the chrysalis I stumbled upon while trimming rambling vines but we are keeping it safe in a jar to see what mystery unfolds. Above our sasanqua camellia has surprised me with what appears to be a large seed pod!

The favourite part of our homeschool week is Friday afternoon which we set apart as a time for creative pursuits (as well as weekly cleaning jobs - not so looked forward to). This afternoon I started sewing together the pile of completed blocks for my Musical Stairs quilt which is a slightly adapted version of Sarah Fielke's Bass Line quilt. It is the perfect time to move ahead with this project as our weather is sure to turn cool next month. Ten neat rows now hang carefully in my wardrobe. Maybe next Friday I be able to complete this quilt top by sewing the rows together.

Today the twins weren't helping me sew, but instead were making delightful music of their own on guitars, keyboard, ukulele and cajon.

Miss E was busy playing out creative dramas with Miss V using her new Superman Lego. Master T took opportunity to enjoy a long bike ride.

Miss O chose to make neenish tarts from scratch. Each of the components was delicious and I'm trying very hard not to eat one of these little delicacies!

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