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Creating Sunshine

Binding prepared for Musical Stairs quilt

Binding underway on Musical Stairs quilt

Binding underway on Musical Stairs quilt

Working on my Musical Stairs quilt feels like I'm making my own sunshine! Thankfully the quilting is finished, the largest quilt I've ever wrestled through my old Janome. The binding is a happy green and matches both the front and back perfectly. By the end of the weekend there will only be quilting threads to tie off and a label to contemplate.

Children assisting in the garden

Miss E gardening

Dianthus flower on seedling

Mother's Day came early for me this year. Last weekend I bought some seedlings and for my gift I requested gardening labour to weed, prune and plant the seedlings where required. This was what I really wanted and knew it would add sunshine to many a day. I made mention of maybe some chocolate too, I love a surprise, so I will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings......

NB My Musical Stairs quilt is based on Sarah Fielke's Bass Line quilt.

Fabric details: The backing is Flower Shop in Sunny by Patty Young, part of her Lush range.
Binding is Holly Folly in green from Michael Miller's Nordic Holiday fabric range.
Both fabrics were bought at special/clearance prices over a year ago so may be very difficult to source.

Update: I have just stumbled on this site here in Australia which seems to have the backing fabric in stock - however it is very expensive by US standards at $4.75 AU per fat quarter (I usually buy fabric from the US due to our high prices here in Australia). Anyway - if you were just after a small amount you may be interested.

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