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Gifts of May

My garden loves me more than I deserve - and I'm not complaining. Watching my Red Intuition rose produce beautiful blooms, one after the other is delightful.

Mother's Day brought more than just gardening assistance - they certainly delivered on the suggested chocolates - with plenty to share (which was the idea)!

Master J came home from uni for a few days to join his old school's Duke of Ed. camp. They bushwalked through the Minyon Falls area.

This is near the top of the falls - you can just see the Pacific Ocean on the far horizon to the left.

 Minyon Falls is about 2 hours drive from where we live. The waterfall drops over 100m/yards and the natural bushland is beautiful.

While Master J was away on camp we bought an outdoor fireplace for some family fun. It's surprising how quickly two packets of marshmallows can disappear!

My order of Gutermann Extra Fine threads arrived, cleverly packaged to keep postage costs to a minimum. I'm thoroughly enjoying hand sewing with these threads - and have ordered three more colours.

Gift of Grace is the name of this rose. It was gifted to me some years ago but it has struggled along in a pot until recently. Now that it's been planted in the garden it is rewarding me with the biggest rose blooms I've seen.

We are enjoying a magnificently warm week for the end of autumn, so we enjoyed a quick visit to a local park today. The weather is just too gorgeous to not enjoy such wonderful outdoor surrounds.

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