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Being Restored

We had a guest speaker at church today who brought a wonderful message and an amazing (extremely accurate) prophetic ministry which greatly encouraged everyone present. Jan has lost her husband and a 40 year old son, both to cancer, in the last few years. She is a living example of all she shared. Three thoughts from her message:
Embrace God's goodness in all situations
Hold what God has given us loosely
Be generous wherever we can

Yearning a little solitude to refresh and ponder Jan's words, I sat silently for a few minutes in our backyard this afternoon, listening for soothing birdsongs. No energy or motivation left to hunt for photos, the opportunities unexpectedly unfolded in front of my eyes as I sat on the grass. The little jenny wren didn't see me at first, then cocked her head in surprise. The afternoon sun played on the tight buds of the Ned Kelly Grevillea
Sometimes I just need to sit still a while, to watch and listen, and I find myself being restored, ready to return to life's ongoing challenges.

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