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Playful Sewing

Playing with a selection of ribbons and threads I have had some fun over the last few days working with my colourful fabrics for this quilt. With no pattern to follow I'm working towards a set of 5 x 11" rows of fabric strips - unless I change my mind along the way. 

This week I've enjoyed using my "hand quilting" Sulky 12wt Blendables cotton threads for a little decorative machine sewing. Some shiny blue viscose/rayon also found its way onto my machine too, thanks to a surprise parcel of threads from the wonderful people at Gutermann.

This is the Gutermann Sulky Sunset Sky rayon/viscose machine embroidery thread pack which was in the parcel. I've never sewn with rayon threads before but their lustre and smooth texture are a delight both in the machine and for hand stitching. On the fabric below I used two threads of the rayon together to hand stitch a feature spot on the Acacia print, Hummingbird in Midnight.

It was fun to add some sparkle to my favourite new Anna Maria Horner fabric with some Gutermann Sulky metallic thread and also some DMC stranded metallic. The DMC, even using one strand, was a little stiff for this use but still pretty. The Gutermann metallic was finer and softer, just right for smaller stitching.

Sewing a quilt with an eclectic mix of fabrics, threads and trims is quite relaxing, resembling the free play of childhood in some ways. There are no rules and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

Extra Notes: The wide ribbon in the top photo is Moths in Lavender and Turquoise by Anna Maria Horner by Renaissance Ribbons (bought on sale recently). I have sewed a grey velvet ribbon to the lower edge of the AMH ribbon using a matching Gutermann Extra Fine thread
The Gutermann Sulky rayon thread pack was a surprise gift to me from Gutermann, along with a selection of Sulky metallic threads and sliver reels.
The Anna Maria Horner fabric in the last three photos is Primrose in Sapphire from her recently released range, Pretty Potent. This fabric has a wonderful soft feel to it too - I have ordered sufficient to make the backing from this fabric.
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