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Succulent Beauty

My succulents continue to delight me. Not only have they grown quite rapidly but their flowers have been interesting to observe.  Black Prince Echeveria, my first succulent, grew a strange mini-plant spike which continued to lengthen and produce red flowers.

The sunlight levels on our back deck seem perfect for them, they began to grow tall and straggly in the lower light of our front deck. They also like to be watered once or twice a week as they don't receive rainfall where I have them. 

Here is the centre of my Violet Queen Echeveria which has grown considerably since I bought her at the end of last year. She is sitting next to Black Prince in the group photos above.

Here are some of the little pups growing along Violet Queen's stem between her "leaves". I find succulent propagation quite fascinating. They can be grown from pups like this, or by pulling off leaves which then start to grow new plants at their base (whether planted or left sitting neglected), or by beheading an older plant and planting the crown/head. The beheaded stem will also start new plants. Some succulents also grow from seed.

There are many beautiful reasons to enjoy low maintenance succulents, they are far more interesting than I had ever thought.

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