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Whispers of Royal

Royal Whispers is now at the finished quilt top stage and I love how it shimmers in the light.

A week or so back when I placed the almost-completed rows beside each other they just didn't sit well. Too much colour and busyness. This brought me back to the same question I had when I first pulled these fabrics together. With the help of Miss O, who has an eye for these things, I went searching for something special in a blue/navy/?? to place between the rows. I brought home two contenders, one of which proved to be too dark. The Royal Arabesque Satin, of which the shop had only 1/4 of a yard left, was voted the winner. 

Yesterday I started sewing the rows to the royal sashing with a width of 2 1/2" but found the blue over-powering, it was shouting rather than whispering. Out came the quick unpick/reverse stitcher. Today I tried a 3/4" sashing strip which seems to be just the right amount to let the rows do the talking.

Basting and quilting will be something of a pleasant challenge. I have a few ideas but the answers will work themselves out as progress is made.

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