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Winter Wonderland

It's wonderful having Miss E senior home for winter break. Whether it's a picnic in the park together, or a trip to the movies with the younger ones or shopping one on one, Miss E has definitely been playing the big sister in a special way. Only one more week to go before she heads back to college/uni in the Big Smoke of Sydney.

Master J has been missing this family time as he has been back in lectures (up on the tablelands) for a few weeks already. Last Friday there was a morning of excitement at his uni campus as snow fell. Master J had never seen snow, in fact none of our children had seen snow except Miss E (22) who was too young at the time to remember. I had to chuckle at his email which accompanied his photos - 
"Well it finally happened. I can now die in peace knowing that I’ve seen snow." 

I promptly replied:
"That’s great news - no point tolerating all that freezing cold without the benefit of seeing a little snow!
Just don’t make any plans to die anytime soon!!!!!"

Still enjoying those beautiful sunsets whenever I can......content to live with warm sunny days and a few frosts instead of the of the snowy cold of the tablelands.

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