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Here She Is!

Sitting very happily on our antique family side-table is my brand new sewing machine, surrounded by my essential everyday tools (laptop, Ott-Lite lamp, pincushion, pens, quick unpick, scissors, glue pen and my box of chargers and cords).  Most sewing is done on our large dining/homeschool table only a metre away but there has also been a little sewing happening right where she lives.

Over recent weeks I have researched my options as the quilting limitations of my 29 year old Janome (SL.2022) had become increasingly frustrating. In the end I chose not to buy yet, and to continue using my machine until it would no longer work. This deadline came sooner than I had anticipated - last week Tuesday.

After seriously considering the Janome 6600 and the 8200 I thought the 8200 would be the machine I was most likely purchase one day. However after speaking with three Janome dealers (on the phone as we have none in our town) each one highlighted a variety of reasons as to why the Janome 8900 is a better long term choice. The day my machine broke I began to relay to my husband the information I had gathered and before I had progressed far he said "buy the better machine".

Three days ago my beautiful new Janome 8900 arrived and I have been constantly delighted with all I have discovered - and I've only just begun to explore all her capabilities. The most striking feature is her larger size, which is marvellous for quilting. The onboard lighting is excellent, the speed control is very responsive, it is very quiet to operate, has a needle up/down stopping option, a presser foot knee lifter, a convertible free motion quilting foot and so many other features which my old machine didn't have. With an onboard start/stop button you can even operate the machine without the foot pedal. She is a total pleasure to sew with!

The basic operation is similar to my old Janome, making threading, winding and inserting the bobbin all comfortably familiar. As with my old machine there are onboard storage compartments for all the feet and little extras - beautifully designed.

I feel like all my Christmases have come at once. As I sit down to sew I am grateful to my husband and also excited to know there is greater scope than ever to enjoy the process as well as to further develop my sewing and quilting skills.

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