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Quilting a Panel

Have you ever quilted a preprinted panel? When my old sewing machine ceased to work a couple of weeks ago I was part way through quilting a beautiful panel as a display item for a Sydney retailer*. Quilting a panel has proved to be a great way to improve my quilting skills. All the outlining was completed using a regular sewing foot with frequent stopping and pivoting, not free motion, as I wanted to follow the lines precisely and have even stitch length, something I wouldn't have been able to achieve on my old machine with a darning foot (which jumps up an down as you sew). However I'm thinking I may be able to work towards this on my new machine using one of the free motion quilting feet - with practice.

A genuine free motion quilting foot has also made this loopy pattern very workable. On my old machine I would have had great difficulty producing a finish I was happy with. Until now I had only quilted using stippling, outlining and straight lines. This Owl panel has many little corners and small areas for quilting so I was hoping to try something loopy if possible. It seems my old machine died at the ideal time. Although not perfect, I am very happy with the overall effect of the small loopy quilting.

Another unexpected little surprise feature on the Janome 8900 is the 'clasp stitch' which has proved ideal for one area on the Owl quilt. I'm thinking there may be other stitches which lend themselves well to quilting applications too. If you have any suggestions I'm very keen to hear them.

This quilting has been very time consuming, particularly the outlining, but also very helpful in pushing my skills and quite enjoyable too, especially as I'm learning how to use various features on my new machine.

There's just a matter of completed the binding, knotting and burying the last of the quilting threads, and a hanging sleeve to sew and attach before the final reveal. Then there is another rather different panel awaiting my attention for which I have some more quilting ideas to try.

*Creative Sewing Centre, is an independent haberdashery supplier and Janome dealer located in Seven Hills, Sydney. Their new showroom just opened yesterday! I would love to be close enough to visit and see their amazing range of threads, fabrics, beads and so much more.

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