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Saying Goodbye

No response, followed by a flicker of life which blew the single light bulb. Mmmmm, not good. Last Monday my 29 year old Faithful Janome was having problems. I had nearly finished quilting Royal Whispers (more on that soon) and was half way through a small quilting commission when the light went out last Monday. After a trip to Lincraft for a replacement bulb there was a flicker and then all was well. Some more quilting ensued that night. All was well.

Early Tuesday morning I had hoped to make some more progress before needing to clear the dining room table for our homeschool lessons, but there was no life to be had in Faithful. So this looked like the end, time to say goodbye. When I last had her serviced, four years ago, there was mention of another problem, not terminal at the time. I have struggled along with her limitations in my newfound quilting directions, hand quilting the centre of Sunlit Treasure, my largest quilt, as it wouldn't fit through the centre/harp space of my machine. Any precise sewing and quilting was best done by daylight or with a lamp positioned behind Faithful as the the machine light was not the best etc.

Many times I have looked into buying a larger quilt-friendly sewing machine but always have chosen to persevere, to be content and grateful for the one I have. She has served me well over the years - clothes for myself, many baby items, dresses and skirts for my six daughters, household furnishings, scrapbooking and card making, general repairs and alterations and over the last four and a half years, quilting.

But now it was time to say goodbye to Faithful.

When I told my husband and children the news, there was a playful look of joy in their eyes. "So are you going to buy a new one?" they asked, for I'm not one to spend money on myself.
"Good, it's about time!"

Well I guess there was no need to convince them, it was I who was waiting for the right time to make this move, until there was a genuine need.

So which machine will replace Faithful? 
She hasn't arrived yet, but I will introduce you in due course, after I have made her acquaintance.......

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