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It Must Be Spring!

The Scarlet Honeyeaters have returned for a second year! Not only have they increased in number but they are also less timid than last year. The Scarlet Honeyeater is the smallest honeyeater in Australia but any lack in size it sure makes up for with a rather loud, pleasantly piercing call and the highly visible bright scarlet feathers of the males. 

A sunny ranunculus was my happy impulse purchase last week while choosing all our gardening supplies. I attempted growing some a couple of years ago but no flowers resulted. We've watched one beautiful bloom open during this week and there are at least four promising buds.

Another little cactus has produced a flower spike with delicate little yellow flowers.

Master T had his 15th birthday this week, surrounded by his five sisters. Times like this are much fun yet we also miss his big (but now shorter) brother and eldest sister who have both left home for college/uni this year. 

Early this morning we took Miss N to our local airport again. She is on her way to Sydney for a busy  day of cricket training, flying 'home' to our next bigger city this evening. In the meantime there's a matter of some washing and food shopping I need to attend to.....and listening to wonderful bird calls too!

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