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Practical Learning

The children had plans for a week of spring cleaning and gardening. They had lots of ideas and the energy required to see them through to completion. It was indeed a very productive week (except for some troubles with the floor cleaning/polishing, which necessitated me attending to some re-oiling and not a very good ending). Still a work in progress, some tidying up and the pool to prepare for swimming.

The best bit is that we now we have many months of anticipation, nurturing, learning, fine tuning and hopefully harvesting ahead of us.

Garden details: 
The raised beds were bought from Aldi. I had been watching for these in their catalogue after reading of Ock Du Spock's success with them here.
We placed weed mat over the entire area and also lined each garden bed with weed mat (from Bunnings).
We used 11+ bags of potting mix to fill each bed, buying 60 in total so as there was some left for planting directly into the weed mat also. Thankfully it was on special at our local supermarket which is only a few blocks away. Bought over 4 trips in our family bus.
River stones, man made and natural stepping stones, seeds and seedlings also from Bunnings.

* Congratulations to Marijke who is the winner of the Sliver random draw! You seem to have some great plans for using these wonderful threads - I have sent you an email with details.

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