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Stitch by Stitch

My sore fingers are letting me know good progress has been made since last week! I'm finding the Gutermann Extra Fine polyester thread brilliant for sewing the darker sections to the lighter edge sections. Most of the sewing of this quilt was completed last year, before Extra Fine was available in Australia. 

It's interesting seeing how my hand stitching has changed over time, not only with finer thread and tinier needle but smaller and closer stitches as well. In many ways our quilts tell a story beyond the primary one we intend, providing a snapshot in time of fabrics, techniques, progress and change.

This is the first quilt in which I glue basted the fabric to the papers. All the paper pieces were hand cut to my design from copy paper using quilting rulers and an older rotary blade blade. The larger papers are very easy to remove, some loosening just with handling of the quilt in this large and awkward stage. So far I have removed about half of the papers without any difficulties, leaving others in to give the quilt top some body and help prevent creasing. 

The crosshatch in charcoal for the binding has arrived and a variety of silk threads for hand quilting have been ordered, I can hardly wait to see what they look like. I've never sewn with silk thread - any tips from those who have would be most welcome.

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