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Adjusted Plans

You know how sometimes you have a good idea but it doesn't quite work out as you had planned. Well, I thought I would square up and trim my Peaceful Night quilt before completing the hand quilting along the outside edges. That way I could make sure my quilting lines ran exactly parallel to the binding etc.

It was a good idea, but when I attempted to attach the binding I had troubles with the top starting to pucker against the batting and backing, even though I sewed slowly using a walking foot. After half a side was 'completed' it became obvious the finish wasn't pleasing. So I unpicked the binding and have been very carefully hand quilting the edges except for the very outermost parallel stitching lines. To prevent any of the now-cut EPP hand stitching from unravelling I have added a few little top stitches and some gentle basting stitches along the very edge to help stabilise the sections with a bias cut.

Somehow I had also underestimated the amount of hand quilting yet to do around the edges....
I am now hoping to be ready to attach the binding by the end of the coming weekend, after which the very last parallel-to-the-binding lines will be quilted. Let's hope things go to plan this time, with no puckers - and that I don't run out of black silk thread!

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