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Peaceful Night - Completed!

Peaceful Night is at last complete and it brings delight to my eyes and satisfaction to my soul. With a happy mix of bright stars and low volume diamonds, set amongst the twinkling nighttime greys the name suits well.

I'm thankful to have the details of each stage recorded on my blog. It was 16 months ago that I first put pencil to paper and pulled fabrics from my collection as I began this new English Paper Piecing (EPP) adventure. Many thanks to those who offered suggestions, answered my questions and encouraged me along this quilt journey.

I'll let the photos do the talking with links to relevant posts if you wish to find more details.

Designing my block and drawing to a suitable size. June 2013. At this stage I wasn't sure if I
 would stop at a one block pillow or stitch more to make a quilt.

Initial fabric selection - not all made it into the quilt.

I cut all the papers from copy paper, using an old rotary blade and quilting rulers.

After a false start stitch basting and topstitching with quilting thread (too stiff and thick), I put together this
kit to organise my matching polyester threads, fine needles, glue pen, papers and cut fabrics ready for stitching.

A little stitching here and there, my treasure trove of stars began to grow - July 2013.

My little stack of low volume background blocks was also pleasure to work on.

Trying to work out the best arrangement of blocks - lots of different ideas. Nov 2013

 Trying to find the perfect background fabric -
ore than one fabric order from the US (2 weeks wait each time).

Decisions were made and progress was happening. Dec 2013

Arrangement of the blocks was decided upon and the star blocks
 stitched together into their rows.

The name Peaceful Night was chosen for the quilt.

This was end of piecing the blocks and more space and time would be needed
to proceed with sewing everything together.
Motivation, time and space had waned.

So Peaceful Night was neatly stacked away for a future time. This was early January 2014.

Other quilting projects (even another epp project) and life took over. I discovered Superior Threads Bottom Line thread which is favoured by many for fine epp stitching. Then I was unexpectedly introduced to the joys of Gutermann Extra Fine thread, a new thread on the market, which seems to be the perfect epp thread for me. Over this time I also refined my hand stitching technique, making smaller stitches, closer together.

End of August 2014 and the time was right to recommence work on Peaceful Night!
Thankfully I now had some Extra Fine thread to help make the finishing even neater.

Main blocks sewn together, edges yet to be finalised and binding fabric ordered.

Quilt top completed!  :)  Mid Sept.

A shimmering collection of silk threads awaiting the beginning of hand quilting. Delightful to the eye and the hand.

Hand quilting with silk was a delight - details shared here and here.

Matilda's Own polyester batting is wonderfully soft.

Sporting physio tape and new runners, Miss N played
quilt holder for me yesterday under the jacaranda trees!

Some of my faithful readers may be wondering how I resolved my problems with the binding last week - I secured the quilt top, batting and backing together with a wide, well space zigzag stitch. However once the binding was attached I unpicked the zigzag to give a soft puffy finish to the binding before hand stitching the binding down on the back. Once the binding was complete I adding the last of the hand quilting, parallel to the binding - and I did have enough black silk!  :)

Backed in Exotic Flora in Deep, Bazaar Style by Pat Bravo.

Like many quilts, Peaceful Night holds a story of exploration, progress, discovery, perseverance and delight. 
Thank you to all those who were also part of this journey with me. 

Quilt Stats: 42" x 48" (106cm x 123cm)
Own design, Cotton fabrics, Matilda's Own polyester batting, hand quilted with silk threads.

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