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Quilting is for Fun!

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A very warm welcome if you are visiting from the Blogger's Quilt Festival - and also to my wonderful regular readers.   

As with pretty much anything in life, quilting is what you make of it. My Royal Whispers quilt is filled with wild combinations of fabric types and colours, ribbons and trims, threads and stitches, techniques and ideas. In so many ways it is a 'break the rules' quilt - and I love it. 

Most of the fabrics used were left over from previous projects or already part of my collection. In the two months since completing Royal Whispers it has been well used - one of my daughters currently has it on her bed (although I intended it for myself).   :)

If you would like to know more about this quilt, particularly the threads used, you will find details and links in previous posts here and here.

Sharing at Blogger's Quilt Festival: Scrappy Quilt
You can also find details of my Peaceful Night quilt here, entered in the Small Quilt section.

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